Technology for Technology’s Sake?

Do you ever get the feeling you will never be able to keep up with  the latest technology? It is true, new products and ideas are hitting the market faster than ever. Looking at the latest tech gadgets for 2015 so far, its has become such a crowded field, but there must be something out there that is worthy of further attention. Let’s remove the “me too” mass producers from the list and focus on innovators–companies that are carving out a niche in cutting-edge technology. Who knows, the next Google.

Let me know what smart technology has your attention and why we should be looking into it. This is your opportunity to shape this web site, so I look forward to hearing from you very soon.



2 thoughts on “Technology for Technology’s Sake?

  1. Hi Michael,

    I love your website. Technology is a huge interest for me and also smart technology. One of the coolest things I believe we have created thus far is the smart technology within our new flat screen televisions. The ability to connect to the Internet and receive new input such as Netflix, Hulu, Social Media and more is astounding.

    This had now gone a step further with Apple introducing Siri into their new Apple iTV functions. We are one step away from voice command televisions at an affordable price. Also, I have seen Smart Technology in homes that can control temperature, lighting and so on. It’s still expensive for most of us, but I look forward to this expanding and becoming affordable for all.

    Keep up the great work!!

    • Hello PJ, thanks for opening with such a kind compliment.
      The flat smart television is well worth doing a post on it. In fact, I will be putting a guest contributor button on the menu and you are more than welcome to elaborate on the idea in your own post 🙂

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