Lighthouse: Free Data from Space, Forever?

The folks at OuterNet have launched Lighthouse, a small device to get select Internet data into everyone’s hands for FREE! Here’s how it works.

Now they have launched It’s called Lighthouse and its in Beta and a an on-the-go version of it predecessor, Lantern, which is for fixed use. It’s an Indiegogo crowdfunded project with plenty of support. It is targeted mainly to third-world nations where stable Internet is a luxury. They plan to put a satellite up in 2016, but are demonstrating it on IntelSat for now. They have some solid technology partners in the aerospace industry to make the technological side of it work. Take a look at Lighthouse Tell us what you think?

12 thoughts on “Lighthouse: Free Data from Space, Forever?

  1. Hi Michael, Really interesting information about “lighthouse”. I wounder what the costs are to set up the product start to finish? It will be great for remote areas. Thanks for providing this information. William 🙂

  2. This is really amazing. Lantern itself was groundbreaking, but making it mobile adds a whole world of opportunity. Will you be posting as the project develops?

    • Hi Billy,
      That’s the plan. Wherever those satellites are you will have access to the stored libraries, for FREE!
      Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
      Thanks for visiting. I will keep contact with the developers to let you know of the progress.

    • Hello Again James, since Lighthouse will consist of educational material and major news articles in most languages, it’s not something ISPs can easily make money from, so they will more likely be happy not be doing this. ISPs are profit driven, as I said previously. Secondly, companies are not exactly falling over themselves to set up in developing countries and provide free equipment and service to people who are not economically empowered. Of course the goal of Lighthouse is altruistic and desires to see the beneficiaries of this form of education, create an educated citizenry that are economically empowered in the future. Companies that have made their money, should support this project in its early stages, and I am sure other corporate sponsors will come on board in future because it benefits society.

    • Thanks for returning James. It is a different (non-commercial) market so I don’t think it will affect their bottom line much, if at all. The ISPs are most likely giving away Internet to schools as a corporate gesture, so having someone else provide it for free, won’t effect them much.

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