Forte Courier electronique, securiseé et priveé

Comme Gmail, Simplement Mieux...

Communicate with your Team Effectively

High Security Email

Encrypted mail server with advanced mail SPAM filtering and PGP encryption

Site Analytics

Inbuilt analytics and Google intégration lets you always see your site's stats

Functional Web Site

A web site with custom programmed applications to get things done

Many Extra Tools

Upload and store files remotely, maintain document repository, we have it covered.

Cloud Based

Your site is on a cloud-based server for redundancy and reliability

All Devices Supported

Connect anything to our Mail Server, be it Mobile, Tablet, iPhone, Android, Windows.

Let’s face it, email isn’t going away any time soon. It’s the glue that keeps an organisation communicating. Email usage is predicted to grow even more.

According to Cisco, the company that built the Internet backbone, more than 85% of mail traffic on the web is SPAM

Our server technology incorporates a range of artificial intelligence and detection engines to work out what’s mail and what’s junk. Your inbox stays clean and you don’t lose precious time looking at unsolicited junk. 

According to Cisco, the company that built the Internet backbone, more than 85% of mail traffic on the web is SPAM


Most frequently asked questions and answers

Sometimes also known as disposable email addresses, they are email addresses you give out and send out mail from instead of giving out your real email address. The mail still comes to your inbox, but the sender never knows your actual mail address. That way, if a spammer or undesirable gets your alias address, you can simply delete the alias, create a new one, add it to your signature block, and advise your contacts of the  new address. 

Hère is an example

Real address:

Alias address you send email from: or maybe

We offer consultant services to bring all your mail from wherever it is stored, be it Gmail, Outlook, local or server based. Depending on the size and time required, it can usually be migrated overnight. 

If it is a simple migration and the data is less than 15GB, then this willl usually be done free of charge. Please understand if there are large attachments, we will quote ahead of time.

A Reliable and stable Mail System is just a click away.

We can quickly migrate and integrate your existing mail from any mail format

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