Goodbye Blackberry or Hello BlackberryAndroid?


BlackBerryAndroidBlackberry’s feature phones have been the most secure in the industry, but now we have encryption on Lollipop 5.1 it makes me wonder. Is it time to bury the Blackberry?blackberry_rip

Now Blackberry are working on a secure Android, using the well-known slider style with physical button keyboard. It will use a specially designed Snapdragon 820 processor embedded with advanced security features designed for Blackberry. Apple commissioned a report recently that claims the National Security Agency (NSA) have already hacked it, so maybe it’s time to trash that Blackberry.

Will people still hold onto their old Blackberries, or take the leap into Android? The Android market is an innovative and vibrant incubator for new ideas, that security will be a natural result of necessity.

Tell us what you think.

If you are thinking about Android. Which one is right for you?


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